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German Auto Works Incorporated
Average rating:  
 21 reviews
by Google Review by Rada Machin on German Auto Works Incorporated
Thorough Service at a Great Price
City & State: Rockville, Maryland

Dennis and David are excellent. We appreciate their help and expertise. They provided us thorough service at a great price!

by Yelp Review by David S. on German Auto Works Incorporated
Don't take your BMW, Mercedes, or Porsche anywhere else
City & State: Rockville, MD

My vehicle had drive train error malfunction amongst other faults showing. Front brakes and rotor replacement warning also showing. Rockville BMW estimate:$12,500.
Not only did GAW fix all faults with full tune-up an front brakes, they did it at a fraction of the cost, provided me a loaner, and told me I didn't need 50% of what Rockville BMW told me I needed. Most importantly the car now drives like its brand new and feels like I just got in the vehicle the first time. Dint take your BMW, Mercedes, Porsche anywhere else. Thanks again Dennis and crew.

by Google Review by Hans Hsu on German Auto Works Incorporated
Great place to get your German car serviced
City & State: Rockville, MD

Great place to get your German car serviced. Dennis and Dave run this place and they have many loyal customers. They stand by their work. I once had to come back because the repair didn't stick, and they fixed it, no charge and no attitude. They do bmw, porsche, audi, vw and I even saw a Toyota here once. If you need body shop or upholster work, they can also refer you to a shop that can do the work.

by Google Review by Nathaniel Harpe on German Auto Works Incorporated
I have been going to German Auto Works for 15+ years
City & State: Rockville, Maryland

I have been going to German Auto Works for 15+ years. The owner knows his way round a Bimmer. Great work, service, and prices.

by Yelp Review by Yohannes M. on German Auto Works Incorporated
Very trustworthy and knowledgeable
City & State: Potomac, MD

I have brought all my cars to Dennis for any repair for the past almost 12 years. He is very trustworthy and knowledgeable about cars. Gives you options and tells you what must be fixed right away and things that can wait. Very honest mechanic and reasonably priced. I recommend him highly.

by Google Review by Gary Gerstenfield on German Auto Works Incorporated
Porsche Scheduled Maintenance
City & State: Rockville, MD

I am very satisfied with the quality of the work, service and attention to detail I received at German Auto Works.

I own a 2013 Porsche which required its 40k service. The total bill was less than half the cost of the dealer. The work was completed very quickly. My car was washed and detailed. In addition to the service, a small nail was removed and the tire patched (a problem I was unaware of). The car looks great and runs perfectly.

Everyone was very nice and professional. I am very glad I took my Porsche to this shop!

by Angie's List Review on German Auto Works Incorporated
Very satisfied
City & State: Rockville, MD

I was very satisfied with the service and professionalism of the owners. The recommended repair work consistent with the advanced age of the car and no more. If you want to avoid potentially unnecessary repairs by a dealership and get thoroughly competent work done on you vehicle at a fair price, I highly recommend German Auto Works. I won't go anywhere else from now on.

by Google Review by Bryan Atkins on German Auto Works Incorporated
These guys are the best!
City & State: Rockville, Maryland

These guys are the best! I've taken 3 cars to them over the years and have always been impressed by the level of customer service and quality of workmanship.

by Google Review by Hal U. on German Auto Works Incorporated
Highly recommended. Great honest guys.
City & State: Montgomery County MD

I recently had my 2006 BMW M5 towed there after getting the red cog of death. The dealer wanted $3k to change the smg pump and it was out of stock for 3+ weeks. Dennis was able to source and install a new smg pump at a fraction of the cost. Dealers often use scare tactics that small shops cant handle the electronics. Don't believe the hype. Highly recommended. Great honest guys.

by Google Review by maharajask on German Auto Works Incorporated
Reasonable and quick service!
City & State: Rockville, MD

Reasonable and quick service!

by Facebook Review by Joe P. on German Auto Works Incorporated
Strongly recommend
City & State: Rockville, MD

Dennis and Dave took very good care of "Baby" my 2005 E60 545i Sport SMG. Their prices were fair and knowledge impressive. I strongly recommend them to my BMWCCA fellow members in the Maryland area. Good job guys. See you next time.

by Google Review on German Auto Works Incorporated
Loyal customer for 15 years and counting!
City & State: Rockville, MD

Loyal customer for 15 years and counting!

by Yelp Review by Hal U. on German Auto Works Incorporated
Highly recommended
City & State: West Friendship, MD

I brought my M5 there after getting the red cog of death (transmission failure). The dealer wanted several k to change the smg pump and it was out of stock for 3+ weeks. Dennis was able to quickly source and install a new smg pump at a fraction of the cost. Dealers often use scare tactics that small indy shops cant handle the electronics. Don't fall for that tactic. Highly recommended. Great honest guys.

by Yelp Review by Dwayne T. on German Auto Works Incorporated
Excellent customer service
City & State: Pennsauken Township, NJ

German Auto work provides excellent customer service from the initial call to the completion of service! You will feel assured that your vehicle is in the right hands. They are definitely a business which understands their reputation relies on good service!

by Yelp Review by Marc K. on German Auto Works Incorporated
Happy with the customer service, timing, and length of repair
City & State: Silver Spring, MD

I was a little skeptical about contacting a non-dealership repair facility. From the get go Dennis and David put me at ease. They were knowledgable about the fault code I was receiving and provided me with a quote that was over 25% lower than the dealer.

They were able to answer all my questions regarding the repair and timing. They also provided me with a loaner vehicle.

They answered my questions while the work was being completed and provided me with updates for parts.

They even showed me the old parts and explained to me why the issue happened in the first place.

I was happy with the customer service, timing and length of repair. I felt comfortable with their word that they would repair my vehicle, all I did was drop my car and keys off and picked up the loaner. No paperwork whatsoever.

Thank you German Auto Works.

by Angie's List Review on German Auto Works Incorporated
I'm very impressed with this shop
City & State: Bethesda, MD

Dennis and his staff, were very helpful, I had him give my car a one over, since he had never seen it before. I wanted a outside opinion. Other than needing a clutch which i suspected, the car is in amazing condition. I'm impressed with how quickly they were able to finish all the work. I have a mini cooper, and replacing a clutch in that car means you have to take the engine out to get at the transmission. He finished all the work quicker than promised and did a few extra things at no charge. This being my first time there i'm very impressed with this shop. I will definitely be back.

by Yelp Review by Rob L. on German Auto Works Incorporated
Totally pleased with German Auto Works
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

Based on 3 visits for repairs ranging from airbag light to radiator replacement to extensive adjustments to my ridiculously complicated convertible top (that two other shops could not do correctly), I am totally pleased with GAW. Owner Dennis and service writer Dave are a pleasure - patient and articulate as they describe a problem and its fix. No complaints about prices either - nothing's cheap to fix on a BMW and I've felt hosed by other shops but not here. GAW was recommended by a friend in the car business and I've not had any regrets.

by Angie's List Review on German Auto Works Incorporated
Reasonable pricing
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

This was my fourth visit to this mechanic and they have really saved me in a pinch several times! The most recent visit was for a coolant leak which was later determined to be a crack in my plastic Audi radiator. Previously they have addressed my "check engine light" for numerous issues including a cracked air hose, spark plugs in need of replacement, and other coolant issues. Dennis and David have been very responsive and open with the many repairs that my 10 year old Audi needs. They have also spent time to sort out the many alerts that I receive in order to address the real issue in need of attention. My only complaint is that their shop has no waiting area and is not customer friendly. I love that their focus is keeping my car running, but waiting for my car to be serviced means that I must make alternative arrangements. They do provide rides to local coffee shops, etc., but waiting on site is not an option. I appreciate their honesty and attention to detail in repairing my old Audi. Their prices are also reasonable compared to what the dealer would charge.

by Angie's List Review on German Auto Works Incorporated
First class work at a reasonable price
City & State: Potomac, MD

I took my 2004 Mercedes Benz S430 to a local MB dealer for routine service and air conditioning check up. I had internet coupons for both services so the total cost was about $370. They performed the service and notified me that the car needed over $4,500 of additional service and repairs. The A/C needed an $1,800 repair, they found an oil leak for $800, a light bulb and socket for $300 plus other services I will cover on my next review. I did nothing. Dennis Burke, the owner of German Auto Works said he would look at the car and give me an estimate. Dennis fixed the A/C, replaced the light socket and bulb and explained that the oil leak was dripping into the plastic fairing under the engine which is why I did not see any oil drip on the garage floor. He fixed the leak and corrected the check engine light. All the repairs cost $543.81 TOTAL. That's parts labor and tax. Almost 1 year later repairs are still effective and the A/C works great. Since my first visit to German Auto Works I have been back for additional work on the Mercedes and service on my 2002 Ford Explorer. Dennis is always accommodating and works me into his schedule. Do not judge German Auto Works by the appearance of the shop. The work is absolutely first class at a reasonable price, and they don't do work you don't need.

by Yelp Review by Sean C. on German Auto Works Incorporated
you guys ROCK!!!!!
City & State: Vienna, VA

My experience in dealing with Dennis and his staff at German Auto Works was pretty close to perfect.

I have a 2006 BMW 530xi......it had just reached 100k and i was debating whether to buy a newer model or just keep this one and do the necessary preventative maintenance. I love my car......its always be good to me and i've never had to put much money into it.

I took the car to the BMW dealer in Rockville Md......they did a full check out on the car for $200 and came back with a repair estimate of $4-5000!!! I always hate having my cars worked on......just since i know its almost impossible to get reasonable pricing and accurate assessments when it comes to what needs to be done and what does not!

I found German Auto Works online.....and decided to call and spoke to Dennis. I immediately liked his demeanor and tone and just the way he listened. He is not a salesman nor pressures you in any way....he is however a very intelligent and highly skilled auto mechanic. His pricing was more than half less than what the dealer wanted to charge!!! This was a relief.......

They did a lot of work to my car and were quite expedient......finishing in just two days........after taking delivery of my car I noticed something that didn't feel right in the car.....I called Dennis and he was very attentive and told me to bring the car right back in and they would take care of it.

There was some apparent collateral repairs needed from all the work that was performed and i know for a fact that any dealer would have charged me for it but Dennis did not. This place is first class......and let me just say that my car feels and drives better than it ever has.......its much more responsive...tighter feeling and just more solid than ever!!

Thank you Dennis and all your diligent staff at German Auto Works.......you guys ROCK!!!!!

by Angie's List Review on German Auto Works Incorporated
Well worth the cost
City & State: Rockville, MD

The squealing of the brakes generally told me it was time for that repair, and there had been an irritating rattling in the door. Oil service was due and I called German Auto Works to see when there might be time available. I was given several times, and picked a time when I might also get a ride to and from the metro. I got a quick and timely estimate of cost and with permission, was told when the repair would be completed. All was done as predicted at the cost estimated. With this and my other cars, Dennis has been always close to his estimates, even when circumstances resulted in unexpected extra time or an unusually high cost part. As unpleasant as it may be to think of getting a car repaired and the money that might be spent, working with Dennis has always been a pleasure and I've always believed the time and expertise spent on all my cars was more than well worth the cost.